The Horses of
Drafty Manor
(Drafty Manor's M ap Nocturne)
(Welsh Cob X TB)
(Sheyenne Bud Man)
(Belgian X Welsh)

For those who want a bit more info about me and my horses.
Thuy was my forever horse. I had him 18 years.
He was the horse I went back to time and again to regain courage and remember what a trained horse felt like. He would try anything for me and
we did everything together. Fox hunting, dressage, eventing, driving and even sidesaddle. By far the most fun we had together was out fox hunting.
From my 8 yr old niece, to experienced riders, he took care of everyone. I will always miss my little war horse.

Miaren is back in work to see if he'd like to go out on trails.
We successfully fox hunted a couple of seasons and some weekends would fox hunt one day and compete the next.
We had a very successful 2014 - winning a couple of Novice schooling outs
and winning one BN recognized and coming in 2nd at another to qualify and compete at the National Eventing Championships.
He was born on the parents' farm and will retire there when he's ready.

Topper's learned about fox hunting and dressage and jumping.
Now I'm focusing on driving. He's a fun, sporty little guy.

Thistle was our huntsman's mount. He was great with the hounds, and hunted with her for five seasons.
I was always very proud to watch him out in the field, knowing that I selected him as a youngster and seeing how well he turned out.
He's been my dressage and trail horse for the past few years.

(Fox Valley Emma Mae) href
(Shire) 1998-2021
Emma I bought as a yearling. She was fun to train, but her size was limiting. We tried breeding for a cross, but she didn't get pregnant.
She lived out her life as a pasture pet on my parents' farm.

Former Horses
Congratulations and Thank You to:

Carsynn in Texas
owner of
(Welsh Cross Pony)
Jill in Texas
owner of 
(Shire X TB/Paint)

Debbie in Texas
owner of
(Belgian Cross)
Niles NTF
Adirondack NTF
Jake and Melanie in Texas
owner of
(Belgian X QH)
(Belgian X QH)
Amy and Richard in Mississippi
owner of
(Shire Cross)
Susan in Texas
owner of
(Percheron X Morgan)
(Belgian X QH)
Adamir NTF
Rose in Minnesota
owner of
David in Texas
owner of
(Percheron X Standardbred)
(first pony)
Training Hamish
(Clyde X TB)
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