112. Norvell8 ROBERTSON (Jeffery9, Jeffery10, Jeoffrey11, Rev William12, John13, Thomas14, William15, William16, David17, Gilbert18, John19, Alexander20, Robert "Riach"21 DUNCANSON of STRUAN, Duncan22 of RANNOCH, Robert23 , Duncan "The Stout"24 of ATHOLL)(100) was born 22 MAY 1765.

He married Sarah POWELL in Georgia, 7 JUL 1791. Sarah was born in South Carolina 7 FEB 1770. Sarah was the daughter of Benjamin POWELL and Martha DENBY. Sarah died 24 OCT 1842 at 72 years of age. SOURCE NOTES: A copy of the autobiography of Norvell ROBERTSON, Sr. is on file in Department of Archives and History; Archives and History Building, Capitol Green, Jackson, Mississippi 39205. Reference: Auditor's Report, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia. From microfilm in Covington County, MS. under Religion and Church in the State Library, Department of Archives and History, Jackson, MS., the following paragraph was written: "Norvell Robertson, Sr. was probably of Scotch Ancestry and descended from one of five brothers who came from Great Britain and landed at Jamestown in the early settling of Virginia. He was born May 22, 1765 in Buckingham County in that state and raised in Cumberland County." From writings of Alice Tracy WELCH of Laurel, MS: "I learned from a deaf and dumb (mute) member of the Virginia Robertsons in 1886 that all Virginia Robertsons sprang from five brothers who landed in Jamestown about the first settling of the place."

Norvell ROBERTSON, Sr. was enlisted in July 1781 in the Virginia State Militia, serving at Yorktown in building the breastworks to protect the army from the British. He was discharged at Yorktown on the day of Lord Cornwallis's surrender of the British army. He migrated to Georgia, later to Mississippi (1818) where he first settled on the west side of Leaf River at the junction of Bowie. Here he lived for 15 years before he moved to about 15 miles north of Old Williamsburg, where he died. He was buried in the Leaf River Baptist Cemetary on September 16, 1855.

Norvell ROBERTSON and Sarah POWELL had the following children:

child 113 i. Jeffery7 ROBERTSON(101) was born 7 OCT 1792. Jeffery died 1864 at 71 years of age. He married Martha ROE. Martha was born 9 APR 1792. Martha was the daughter of Joshua ROE and Sarah. SOURCE NOTES: Additional information on Jeffery ROBERTSON was obtained through Daniel S. ROBERTSON Rt. 5, Box 17, Brewton, Alabama in November, 1962, which consisted of the descendants of Jeffery and Martha Roe (Rowe) ROBERTSON. Lived in Covington County, MS.

child 114 ii. Matthew ROBERTSON was born 30 MAY 1794. Matthew died 1854 at 60 years of age. He married unknown HARALSON.

child 115 iii. Norvell ROBERTSON(102) was born in Warren County, Georgia 14 NOV 1796. Norvell died 1 JUN 1877 at 80 years of age. He married Nancy Jane CANNON in Lawrence County, Mississippi, 17 NOV 1835. Nancy was born in Hancock County, Georgia 17 AUG 1811. Nancy was the daughter of Jesse CANNON. Lived in Lawrence County, Mississippi.

child 116 iv. Rhoda ROBERTSON(103) was born 14 NOV 1796. Rhoda died 1875 at 78 years of age. She married James EASTERLING. Lived in Smith County, Mississippi.

child 117 v. Sarah ROBERTSON(104) was born 3 JAN 1799. Sarah died 1881 at 82 years of age. She married Cader MITCHELL. Lived in Covington County, Mississippi.

child 118 vi. Martha ROBERTSON(105) was born 24 MAR 1801. Martha died 1894 in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, at 93 years of age. She married Daniel MCPHERSON. Daniel was born in Warren County, Georgia. SOURCE NOTES: Descendants of Norvell ROBERTSON, Sr. who descend from his daughter Martha ROBERTSON MCPHERSON (married to Daniel MCPHERSON) were researched and compiled by Henry Harrison WOMBLE of Charleston, Mississippi, dated December 15, 1956 and given to his niece Louise WOMBLE. Louise resided in Alexandria, Louisiana a number of years where she served Emmanuel Baptist Church as Secretary until her retirement. In 1978 Peggy R. SANDIFER learned of her Louise WOMBLE's relationship to the ROBERTSON family and borrowed the information on Martha ROBERTSON MCPHERSON, having identified connection by corresponding information on other portions of the family. Lived in Carroll County, Mississippi.

child + 97 vii. Asaph Powell ROBERTSON was born 30 JAN 1803.

child 119 viii. Nancy ROBERTSON(106) was born 30 NOV 1805. She married John David LEIGH. (Additional notes for John David LEIGH(107)) Lived in Conecuh County, Alabama.

child 120 ix. Mary Hill ROBERTSON(108) was born 13 APR 1810. She married Rev William Patrick CARTER. (Additional notes for Rev William Patrick CARTER(109)) Lived in Enterprise, Clark County, MS. Had 7 children.

child 121 x. George Franklin ROBERTSON(110) was born in Warren Cty, Georgia 20 NOV 1812. George died 6 DEC 1886 in Williamsburg, MS, at 74 years of age. His body was interred in Williamsburg Baptist Cemetary. He married Louisa Ann GRAHAM. Louisa was born in Covington Cty, MS. 14 JAN 1827. Louisa died 20 MAY 1901 in Williamsburg, MS., at 74 years of age. Her body was interred in Williamsburg Baptist Cemetary. Lived in Williamsburg, Covington County, MS.

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