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2006/10/19 -- Expansion of Game Design section.

2006/05/11 -- Start of website revamp: stale links removed; more internal cross-referencing; addition of Game Design section with essays.

2005/01/08 -- Resume removed; standard email address replaced with version for humans only (#@%$ spam!).

2002/12/18 -- Added a link to General Systemantics Press in the Reasoning section.

2001/01/21 -- Added section of the organization of living systems to the discussion of systems.

1999/12/17 -- In response to popular demand (?), added a photo of Bart to the index page. You asked for it....

1999/06/20 -- Radically expanded the discussion of Carroll Quigley's work.

1999/06/13 -- Updated the "Personality" section by expanding the "further notes" section and giving it its own page.

1999/06/12 -- Updated the "History" section by expanding the discussion of Carroll Quigley's work.

1999/05/29 -- General site cleanup. Made accessing the British genealogy index a lot faster.

1999/02/14 -- Added 30 essays on various subjects. You can find them in the "Writing" section.

1999/02/08 -- Updated the Personality section with my own theory of how certain temperaments are "opposites" of each other. You can check it out by clicking here.

1999/01/03 -- Added British royalty genealogy section here.

1998/12/30 -- Switched to a more attractive (and readable) font face.

1998/10/25 -- Added the first batch of pictures from the Scotland trip (finally!).

1998/09/30 -- Expanded the "Politics" section with a listing of the goals of Communism, and an essay on Dr. Thomas Sowell's book The Vision of the Anointed.

1998/08/16 -- Added cautionary preface to the essay on Religion.

1998/08/11 -- Rated site with Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC).

1998/08/09 -- Web site goes "live." Nothing new or changed... yet.

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